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Pix4Dmapper is the best photogrammetry software that you are looking for. Here you can download the Pix4Dmapper Pro Crack for free. It will give you unlocked and unlimited version of Pix4Dmapper. For those who do not know about Pix4Dmapper, let me explain it a little bit then I will share the links to download the Pix4Dmapper Pro Crack.

Survey Grade Images

Pix4Dmapper is an application that can be very helpful in your projects if you need to have survey grade results of images with just your simple camera, drone or other imaging devices.

Pix4Dmapper Pro Crack


Then there is orthomosaics. For an orthomosaic, you need satellite view of the images with their complete geometry. So, you can calculate data from those geometries. But Pix4Dmapper will let you access the satellite like images with their geometry so you can have the best results for your projects. It is possible when you have a drone.

Digital Surface Models

This is very important use of Pix4Dmapper Pro Crack. It will help you create digital surface models which are also called DSM. Digital Surface Model (DSM) lets you see the elevations of the Earth surfaces or trees, houses, and other features elevated above the surface of Earth.

Pix4Dmapper Pro Crack

3D Models

You do not need a 3D camera. They are very expensive and complex to use. Pix4Dmapper will let you make 3D models if you want to document a scene or you need to make something from those 3D models. The 3D models are very useful when there is an accident. They are used to solve the scenarios.

Process of Using Pix4Dmapper Pro Crack

The Process includes following steps:

First of all, you should have a captured image of the object or surface. You can capture the image with your drone or professional cameras.

Then you need to process the images to get your desired results. Now, we shall use the Pix4Dmapper Pro for processing to get the most accurate information.

After the processing of images is completed, you can get the results.

You can share the results according to your needs.

Pix4Dmapper Crack free download

Usage of Pix4Dmapper Pro Crack

Pix4Dmapper will give you the most accurate 3D models and following data:


Distinguish objects with machine learning classification processes.


Create surfaces to improve planarity or fill holes in critical areas.


Measure in 3D with Pix4Dmapper


accuracy of photogrammetry project


quality report of photogrammetry project

Features of Pix4Dmapper Pro

Pix4Dmapper Pro Download Free

Input Features:

  • Aerial —nadir & oblique— and terrestrial imagery
  • Video (mp4 or avi format)
  • Any camera (compact, DSLR, thermal, multispectral, fisheye, 360°, large-frame, etc.) images in .jpg or .tiff
  • Multi-camera support in the same project
  • RTK/PPK + IMU data support
  • Camera rig support
  • Ground control point edit and import
  • Known or custom reference coordinate system support in imperial or metric units
  • Camera exterior orientation support
  • External point cloud import download pix4dmapper (lifetime) crack full

Processing Features

  • Processing templates
  • Rapid Check with Quality Report
  • Camera self-calibration
  • Rolling shutter effect correction
  • It has an Automatic Aerial Triangulation (AAT) and Bundle Block Adjustment (BBA)
  • Automatic point cloud densification
  • Automatic point cloud filtering & smoothing
  • Machine-learning point cloud classification
  • Automatic DTM/DEM extraction
  • Automatic brightness and color correction
  • Project merging and splitting
  • Project area definition
  • Custom number of keypoints
  • Radiometric processing and calibration

Pix4Dmapper Pro


  • Project visualization
  • Navigation modes
  • Scale Constraint
  • Ground control point (GCP ) / Manual tie point (MTP) editing
  • Ellipsoid error visualization
  • Project reoptimization
  • Image masking
  • Point cloud editing
  • Polyline and surface object creation
  • 3D mesh and DSM editing
  • Visual outlier detection
  • Fly-through animation

What’s New in Pix4D Crack 2021 Serial Key Download?

How to Crack?

System Requirements for Pix4Dmapper Pro Crack

CPU: Quad-core or hexa-core Intel i7/Xeon recommended

GPU: Compatible with OpenGL 3.2

2 GB RAM recommended

HD: SSD recommended

ROM: 16GB – 60GB

OS: Windows 10 64 bits

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